• Effective online and offline advertising through ‘under the skin’ thinking

    At Red C, we believe producing effective advertising and marketing campaigns can only come from developing a deep and genuine understanding of a client’s business, products and customers.

    We encourage staff to get ‘under the skin’ of every client’s business. We sit in on call centres, accompany field sales staff, work in branches and stores and pore over client data.

    The insights gained are poured into our email marketing campaigns, TV adverts, press adverts, direct marketing pieces, PPC campaigns and websites to ensure they deliver the best ROI possible.

  • EYE TRACKING - DISCOVER THE ULTIMATE INSIGHT TOOL Eye tracking research provides the missing link, giving you a 'bird's eye view' of how your customers are reading, reacting and responding to your marketing materials.
  • AWARD WINNING EMAIL MARKETING Our email marketing services and expertise have helped us win awards and, more importantly, deliver a fantastic ROI for companies in sectors as diverse as home shopping, financial services, retail and B2B.
  • INNOVATIVE BRAND CREATION AND A SUCCESSFUL SWIMWEAR AD Red C was tasked with creating a new brand that allowed consumers to buy swimwear all year round. Swimwear 365 was born, and with it came a TV advert and online film.
  • WORK THAT REALLY GENERATES RESULTS We love great looking work at Red C. We love it even more if it has great response rates too. And that’s what you’ll see lots of in the Red C Gallery.

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