December 14th, 2010

Creating a viral marketing video for Build Center

Andrew Campbell hard at work filming the Build Center viral for an online advertising campaignI’ve worked on lots of interesting projects in my short time at Red C, but none have been more exciting than the viral marketing campaign I’ve just finished working on…

I was part of a team that was challenged to promote an offer of free delivery on £3 insulation rolls from the Build Center. Due to the ad being viral, comedy seemed the perfect route, so as we do here at Red C Towers, we scratched our chins until we came up with an idea. Ours focused on one hapless individual with the impossible task of trying to get huge insulation rolls into her car. Rather than give in, this woman’s determination pushes her to incredible (if not a little insane) lengths to ensure she packs her car.

Filming the Build Center viral for an online advertising campaignThere was one day to come up with the idea and write it. Then just a few days later we were on set with a production crew filming it! It was all a little manic. But did I ever panic? Of course not, I had a great creative team around me as well as the talents of Director, Chris Gaffey.

From the start, Chris really impressed me; he was as enthusiastic as we were about making this job a success. In planning he was dishing out loads of good ideas and then on set he proved he had a great understanding of comedy when he paid special attention to the actress’ mannerisms – ensuring her every movement heightened the humour and helped bring the scene to life.

In fact, the whole production team, the actress and even the weather were perfect and it made for a really enjoyable day at the office (technically I wasn’t in the office, but you know what I mean!).

To see what we came up with, take a look below.

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4 Responses to “Creating a viral marketing video for Build Center”

  1. avatar Acromack Says:

    Great article Andy!! 11,000 views and counting!

  2. avatar Helene Says:

    I love the Chaplin-esque music you used here! Did you guys write that too?

  3. avatar Keith Says:

    I can't think of a better way to do that commercial. Great job you guys!

  4. avatar Derick Says:

    Fabulous video! And if the views are any indication, it won't be long before it's certified viral!

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