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Nick Holt
November 27th, 2009

Nick Knight – Photographer

by Nick Holt

Nick Knight's image for Yohji Yamamoto from RedC Art Director Nick Cliffe's We Like blog articleNick Knight is near the top of my imaginary ‘photographers I’d love to commission one day’ list. I’ve been an admirer of his work ever since I laid my eyes on his series of fabulous, color-drenched images created for Yohji Yamamoto in the early nineties. Nick Knight is now the uncrowned king of the digital fashion photography with his striking, beautifully composed, digitally manipulated images that often challenge the conventions of fashion photography.

Despite being a perennial favourite with the great and the good of the fashion world he hasn’t shied away from tackling controversial issues as racism, disability and ageism within mainstream media. My favourite example being his stunning photography for a Levi’s Jeans campaign featuring the original wearers of Levi’s Jeans, some of whom were over 70 years old.

Nick Knight's Levi's campaign image from RedC Art Director Nick Cliffe's We Like blog article

Nick Knight manages to pull off the neat trick of producing work that is both personal, relentlessly experimental and hugely commercia­lly successful. His reputation for pushing boundaries technically and creatively at every opportunity and being at the forefront of innovation is inspirational. Almost 10 years ago Knight launched the visionary SHOWstudio.com an online fashion broadcasting company committed to pioneering live fashion media. SHOWstudio.com has broken new ground with its experimental interactive projects, online streaming of photo shoots, films and collaborations with influential cultural figures such as Anthony & the Johnsons, John Galliano, Bjork, Kate Moss and Alexander McQueen. Nick Knight is a photographer who doesn’t just ‘kill all this darlings’ he positively machine guns them.sander

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