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Andrew Craig
April 19th, 2010

Google Audiences. Googles latest pay-per-click feature

by Andrew Craig

Are people abandoning their baskets on your website? Then you need Google Audiences!Have visitors to your site added items to their basket only to abandon it before checkout? Has someone gone to your ‘request more details’ page only to leave before requesting said details? Has someone rung your doorbell and run away before you could answer?

Well Google can help. Maybe not with the doorbell thing, for that get a dog, a BIG dog… either that or sit behind the door for hours on end just waiting, patiently waiting for that foolish doorbell ringer. For the other problems Google have added a ‘Google Audiences’ tab to your AdWords account.

If a user to your site has added some items to their basket but left before finishing the purchase for any reason, you know that they are receptive to your product, but just not on that occasion. Maybe it was just too expensive or they found a cheaper deal. Using the new remarketing feature that is ‘Google Audiences’, you can specifically target these people during their usual web browsing with special offers and promotions.

Here’s how it works.

After creating your Audiences campaign, Google will provide you with a snippet of code that you add to the relevant page of your website. A user who visits this page will receive a cookie ID that is added to your remarketing user list. You can now create an ad that attempts to re-engage the customer with a special offer or message. This ad should only show to people on your list who have this specific cookie activated as they browse other sites that are part of the Google Content Network. You can also create very broad lists by adding a code to your Homepage or targeted customer lists by adding the code to a specific page of your site.

Once you have your lists you can target different lists with different ads, different offers and different messages. This could be another powerful marketing tool added to the already stuffed Google toolbox.

I know I certainly like it!

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  1. avatar Marjorie Says:

    I am concerned about the privacy issues with this set up. How do you ensure your visitors that their privacy is not being infringed on? As a Web site owner, I would be hesitant to add this because of the potential backlash? I deal with computer peripherals, and it's safe to say that most of my customers are tech savvy.

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