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Julian Gratton
July 28th, 2010

5-a-side – Revenge is like a dish best served cold. Creative: 12 – Account Handling: 9

by Julian Gratton

Red C's star Artworker, Keth Pleasant, after playing an influential part in Creative's win over Account handlingLast week Account Handling provided a shock to Creative by putting a halt to the winning streak we had strung together against the suits in 5-a-side. This week saw the return of Red C’s Creative Director to the team and a return to winning ways… despite a very, very impressive display by Account Handling.

Now you only have to take one look at star Artworker, Keith Pleasant, to see how hard Creative had to work for this victory. His ‘drowned rat’ like appearance at the end of an hour of silky skills on astroturf clearly shows a man who had the desire, determination and the ‘right stuff’ to turn over Account Handling.

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