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Georgie Hallgate
October 9th, 2014

Twitter loving brands who love a re-tweet!

by Georgie Hallgate

With more than 271 million monthly active users and 500 million tweets sent each day, it’s not surprising that brands are increasingly using Twitter as a platform to promote themselves. Quite frankly they’d be stupid not to! Whether it’s to create a buzz around a brand or to launch a new product, there are huge benefits to be reaped by creating a campaign on social networking sites. Essentially, everyone loves a freebie, but many can’t really be bothered to do a lot to earn it. So giving something away for a simple re-tweet is a recipe for success!

To see how well the brands I follow are trying to grab my attention on Twitter (and if I’m missing out on a chance of getting my hands on some freebies) I scrolled through my timeline to see who pops up with anything interesting.

Marc Jacobs

marc jacobs Ohhhhh Marc Jacobs. I do adore thee. To be fair, I’d read whatever they tweeted about, but it turns out, they do a pretty good job despite my bias. On the 15th of August they opened a pop-up shop for three days in London’s Covent Garden. Simply by tweeting about it with #mjdaisychain, customers were able to get their perfume-hungry hands on a mini fragrance. More dedicated fans with more time on their hands could receive a key ring or free manicure in-store with their social currency by including a Marc Jacobs related image or video in their tweet. It couldn’t be easier!

Hoping to recreate the New York version, which attracted more than 10,000 shoppers, Marc Jacobs wanted to reward their social media audience who they describe as ‘spontaneous’, ‘creative’ and ‘give a lot’ to them. It’s a simple concept with elaborate logistics – and it’s paved the way for smaller brands to mirror their success. Customers love to get personal with their favourite brands and be thanked for their support. As a result it creates strong brand loyalty, and enhances the brand’s image and awareness.


Next up is the new craze of the interactive and viral bus stop – and Walkers is the latest brand to jump on the bandwagon. You’ll find a virtual Gary Lineker at three different bus stops in London until 11th September. Football fans might be excited about the celebrity figure, but for me, it’s all about the crisps. Gary has been designed to look as though he is sitting within the vending machine and people can tweet @walkers_busstop and a code to receive the free packet of crisps. This is a fantastic way to keep the public talking about the brand as well as pushing to be a leader amongst their competitors. Walkers has created a number of quirky marketing campaigns and this brilliant idea will be firmly added to the favourite list.


starbucks Finally, Starbucks opted for a campaign that is relatively inexpensive compared to Marc Jacobs’ and Walkers’. The brand proves that the simplest of ideas can have the same benefits from customers’ tweets as a fancy bus stop or pop-up store can. They offered one lucky Twitter follower a £10 gift voucher every day for completing the daily photo challenge whilst tweeting @Starbucks_UK with the hashtag #MyFrappuccino.

By clicking on the hash tag, Twitter users would be met with an array of Starbucks products to entice them into purchasing a drink, and taking part in the competition. Starbucks generated thousands of tweets through this. And they could sit back and enjoy incredible brand exposure just for giving away a £10 gift voucher for a few days. Not bad, eh?



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